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                                                                 END OF LIFE:  FUNERALS / MEMORIALS

As a certified LIfe Cycle Celebrant, and ordained Non-Denominational Minister, I fully respect that there is no simple formula to acknowledge, and come to terms with the passing of a life.
Families today often consist of relatives from different backgrounds, mixed heritages, and varying religious customs and beliefs. Many of us may no longer have a personal relationship with a Rabbi, Pastor or Priest who knows how to best  communicate the family's wishes, and rememebr the life of your loved one.

I am available to  meet with you, and the significant others in your home. Together we will craft a customized memorial service that truly pays tribute, and reflects your values.

I believe that I have been preparing to do this work all of my life.  I come to you with many years of experience as
 a Marriage and Family Counselor.  Time spent listening to people in their darkest hours has given me the compassion and skill to work with you and your family to create the most dignified, meaningful service to honor the passing of your loved one -- and to celebrate that life.

As a licensed clinician, I am also able to offer you and your family bereavement counseling as an additional service, upon request

For further information please call us at: 
201-741-6056 or email:  risa@HealingHeartCeremonies.com

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                                PET TRIBUTES

People love their pets and consider them members of their family.  When an animal companion passes, it is not unusual to feel overwhelmed by sorrow, and (sadly) embarassed to express this.  For children, pet loss is often their first experience dealing with death.

A Pet Memorial Service can offer comfort, embrace the grieving process, and acknowledge the depth of your relationship with your pet.  It provides a time for the family to celebrate that life, and remember all the wonderful times spent together.
  For children, it can provide some closure, and create a model for coming to terms with future losses.

Allow me to work together with you and your family to create a loving, personal pet tribute;  to share stories and treasure your memories.

As a pet lover myself, I know that nothing can take away the grief that we experience from such a loss, but a well prepared tribute to your pet can ease the pain.      

Marriage typically begins with some form of ritual and ceremony. Solemn vows are spoken that usher in the intention of two people to live the rest of their lives together.

We all know that sometimes that is not the case.  For a variety of reasons, things do not always work out as planned.  As anyone who has ever gone through it can testify, ending a marriage is a
serious and solemn rite of passage. 

As the union was brought into being through ceremony,  I truly believe that some form of ritual is needed for it to be authentically completed;  so that the divorce can be finalized in a meaningful and life-enhancing way.

There are many possibilities for divorce healing ceremonies, depending on a family's particular needs and desires. For some it might involve the rejoining, separately, of a husband or wife with their own distinct family and friends.  For others, it could involve the coming togeher as a family to reaffirm Vows of Parenthood to their children; articulating the distinction between the ending of the marriage and the continuity of family life.

Having been divorced myself, I know the empty feeling of walking out of a courtroom, decree in hand - and nothing more. If you are going through a divorce, I would love to meet with you as a divorce ceremony celebrant to discuss ways in which to mark this difficult life transition in a healing way.

Check out this article featured in the New York Times with more information on Divorce Ceremonies.
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